XLII Collaboration Meeting
September 10-14, 2012
CNRS Headquarters
Campus Gérard-Mégie
3 rue Michel-Ange - F-75794 Paris cedex 16
Registration closes: September 3
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PANDA XLII Collaboration Meeting : Welcome

The PANDA Collaboration (Proton ANnihilation at Darmstadt) gathers more than 450 scientists from 17 countries who intend to study topics in fundamental research related to weak and strong forces, exotic states of matter and the structure of hadrons.

The regular meeting which is held  four times per year, will be organized in Paris for the first time, in September 10-14, at CNRS Headquarters.

The PANDA experiment, will make use of a high energy, high intensity antiproton beam and  will operate at the ongoing Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) at GSI, in Darmstadt.

At present, the experiment is in a very advanced state of design and prototyping, supported by simulations of the most important physics benchmarks.

Local organizing committee   Important deadlines
  • Thierry HENNINO
  • Dominique MARCHAND (Co-organizer)
  • Saro ONG
  • Béatrice RAMSTEIN
  • Egle TOMASI-GUSTAFSSON (Organizer)
  • Registration opens: June 1
  • Deadline for early registration: August 20
  • Registration closes: September 3
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