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warningPDFALTO Workshop 2013 second circular
2nd Workshop on the physics at the TANDEM-ALTO facility

From May 14th to May 15th 2013 : at the Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay. The workshop venue is the auditorium Irene Joliot-Curie at the IPN Orsay, just outside of Paris, France.
The workshop is organised by the IPN Orsay and the French national research funding agency CNRS/IN2P3.

Scientific program :

The ALTO facility consists of two accelerators in the same area. A tandem accelerator is dedicated to physics with stable beams (protons to heavy ions, molecules and clusters) and a linear electron accelerator is dedicated to the production of radioactive ion beams by photofission. The aim of the workshop is to promote discussion of the diverse range of physics topics that are relevant to current and future research using the ALTO facility.

They include :

    • Nuclear Structure
    • ISOL radioactive ion beams and exotic nuclei far from stability
    • Nuclear Reactions
    • Nuclear Astrophysics
    • Nuclear Energy and Applications
    • Ion Matter Interaction

The event will last two and a half days, with the first half day being dedicated to the inauguration of the new ALTO ISOL photo-fission facility, including a guided tour. The program for the 14th and 15th of May will be a series of invited talks by internationally renowned speakers on the many topics in nuclear physics of relevance to the ALTO facility.

Contact secretary :


Local organizing committee   international advisory committee
  • Marin Chabot
  • Said Essabaa
  • Valérie Frois
  • Sydney Gales (Chair)
  • Céline Gaubert-Rosier
  • Georgi Georgiev
  • Fairouz Hammache
  • Fadi Ibrahim
  • Iolanda Matea
  • Laurence Mathis
  • Abdelhakim Said
  • David Verney
  • Jonathan Wilson
  • Prof A.Bracco (INFN Milano)
  • Prof R. Casten (Yale)
  • Dr G. De Angelis (LNL/INFN)
  • Dr P. Delahaye  (GANIL)
  • Dr D. Guillemaud-Mueller (IN2P3)
  • Dr H. Goutte (IRFU Saclay)
  • Prof M.N. Harakeh (KVI)
  • Prof R. Krücken (TRIUMF)
  • Dr M. Lewitowicz (GANIL)
  • Dr F. Nowacki (IPHC Strasbourg)
  • Dr A. Obertelli (IRFU Saclay)
  • Prof Y. Penionzhkevich (FLNR Dubna)
  • Dr S. Pomp (U. Uppsala)
  • Dr G.Prete (LNL/INFN)
  • Prof H. Sakurai (RIKEN)
  • Dr G. Savard (Argonne)
  • Prof C. Trautmann (GSI)