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Accessing neutron-rich heavy nuclei in the Pb region via multi-nucleon transfer reactions
The study of neutron-rich nuclei in the A 200 mass region, and in particular along the neutron shell closure N = 126, is fundamental for the understanding of different physical aspects, from the shell evolution far from stability to the investigation of the path chosen by the r-process to synthesize the heavy elements. Unfortunately the investigation of nuclei in this region is hampered by the difficulties in their production and direct identification with the present techniques. Different calculations have pointed out that multi-nucleon (MNT) transfer reactions at energies close to the Coulomb barrier can be a promising mechanism to populate this region but experimental data are still quite scarce.

In this context an experiment was performed at the Legnaro National Laboratories to study MNT reactions at near-barrier energies in the 130Te+197Au system in inverse kinematics. A kinematic coincidence between the magnetic spectrometer PRISMA and an ancillary heavy-ion detector was employed for the first time and allowed the simultaneous detection of both reaction partners.

In the seminar the results of this experiment will be presented and possible perspectives in this field will be outlined.
Franco Galtarossa
IPN Orsay
04/10/2019 à 11:00

Notes de dernières minutes :

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