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The Higgs-electroweak chiral lagrangian to one loop
Despite the discovery of a spin zero state at 126 GeV by the LHC experiments, the exact nature of this Brout-Englert-Higgs particle remains elusive. In particular, it could be the first sign of new, beyond the standard model (BSM), physics. Effective field theories (EFT) offer the most general, model-independent and unbiased, way to parametrize the low-energy effects of this possible new physics sector. In the case of a fundemental Higgs particle, this EFT has been studied quite extensively : the set of dimension six operators have been classified, and their behaviour under the renormalization group has been established. But the Higgs boson might not be part of a weak doublet. This more general, Higgs-electroweak chiral lagrangian, is not renormalizable already at lowest order, and electroweak symmetry breaking is implemented in an inherently non-linear way.

This talk will provide a guided tour through the structure of the counterterms at next-to-leading order, as well as a complete renormalization at order one loop of the Higgs-electroweak chiral lagrangian.
Marc Knecht
LPT Marseille
10/04/2018 à 11:00
IPN Orsay, salle A015, bâtiment 100

Notes de dernières minutes :

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