Hands-on 6a

Getting identified with the gitlab server

The first step is to get identified with the gitlab server. Connect with a navigator to the sign-in page


Sign in Gitlab

and sign in with Shibboleth sign in with Shibboleth

select “Paris Sud University” authentify as UPS user and authentify as Université Paris Sud user.

You may find a screen already prompting you to create a git password. authentify as UPS user

If not, then from the user menu in the top bar, select the settings… Dashboard

… and from the User settings, select the Password menu UserSettings

then define your Gitlab password Password

You are now ready to access your repository. Thanks to your Gitlab password, you can use the https: protocol. In other contexts, if you want ssh: protocol, you should define a certificate. As you will be working in pairs, one project will belong to each pair.