Hands-on 1a

First steps on Linux

Mastering Browser & Terminal & Editor & Finder

Working with Browser & Finder

  • Download this test file.

  • Create a new directory in your “HOME” and move downloaded file here.

  • Create another directory a copy the file in this new directory.

  • Change the name of the file in the second directory.

Working with Browser & Terminal

  • The same operations which you did within Finder can be done in Terminal.

  • Open a Terminal window and do the same operations as above, but use different names of directories and files.

    • Explore how to use the Tab key to complete typed commands. Instead of typing the full file name, type just a few letters and then pressing the Tab key.

    • Use the arrow keys to repeat orders already executed Try to press the upper arrow key and press enter to run your program again.

  • When done, you will have 4 new directories each containing the downloaded file but with a different name.

  • To finish this step, make a clean-up and remove three directories created in a previous step; keep just one for the next exercise.

Working with Terminal & Editor

  • Open the text file, which you kept, in Atom editor.

  • Copy the following text in the file. (Use the mouse or keyboard shortcuts to copy the text).

This news is from Montreal, Canada. A traffic camera films an owl. It is a snowy owl.
The owl is beautiful. Many people like the video. They share it on Facebook.
Snowy owls live in remote areas. It is special to film them.
Canada protects snowy owls. People must not kill them. However, sometimes cars hit snowy owls.   Airplanes can hit the owls, too.
Read more at https://www.newsinlevels.com/products/  snowy-owl-in-montreal-level-1/#OCUZwsuwtbSQEwjk.99
  • Find all occurences of “owl” and replace them with “bear”. (Use the Find & Replace functions of your editor.)