Installation on Windows 10

For this tutorial we recommend to use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) machine.

Installing WSL in Windows 10

As the WSL machines for CentOS and Fedora are paid applications on Microsoft Store, we have chosen Ubuntu 20.04 TLS for our purpose.

  1. Visit for detailed instructions how to enable WSL or WSL 2.

  2. Install your Linux distribution, we made the tests with Ubuntu-20.04 LTS

  • Open “Microsoft Store” and search WSL or Ubuntu.

  • Choose Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and install it on the Windows Machine.

  • Launch newly installed Linux

  • You will then need to create a user account and password for your new Linux distribution

X11 server for Windows.

There are several X11 servers for Windows. We made tests with XcXsrv and embedded Ubuntu 20.04 terminal

We also tested Mobaterm MobaXterm which provides both X11 server and terminal client with ssh.

Xmind or Cygwin/X are the other options which we did not test.

X11 DISPLAY settings.

With WSL1

In WSL1 After starting X11 server you can use: export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0

With WSL2

In WSL2 Microsoft has made a modification in the network which prevents Windows <-> WSL routing. The only way is to use the X11 server for Windows : Disable access control in X11 server and use the default router (local IP address of Windows machine) for display settings.

If you use Xcxsrv you will see the option Disable access control when you launch the server using Xlaunch. Then start Ubuntu 20.04 application

In MobaXterm go to Setting->X11->X11 remote access and choose “full”, then in Section choose “WSL and live default distribution”.

On WSL2 use the command:

export DISPLAY=$(ip route | awk '/default/ {print $3; exit}'):0.0

to setup display.

You can do a quick test of X11 by running xev and glxgear applications

Installing ROOT on WLS

Follow the instructions in the Installation on Ubuntu section to install Atom, ROOT and their external dependencies on WLS Ubuntu 20.04. Test you installation.

Windows SSH Clients

To use the ssh connection to VM you need to install an ssh client capable of X11 forwarding like  PuTTY or to use Windows 10 ssh.

We use ssh from the Windows Git installation.

ssh -X -p 2222 vagrant@localhost

You can define the ssh session to localhost port 2222 in MobaXterm.


  • All environment variables related to laguage (LANGUAGE, LANG, LC_* ) are set to C.UTF-8 in ubuntu wls. If you see the warnings when connect to another machine via ssh, use: export LC_ALL=un_US.UTF-8