ALTO USERS - Process for experimentalist

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  • Badge request (Access)
  • Safety memento (Secutity)
  • Ackowledgment of information notice on radiation
  • ENSAR2 docs to provide
    (For reimbursement)
  • Ensar2 registration (Access)

Please find below the procedures for accessing our facilities, our rooms and the ENSAR2 financial support:

  Only facility users could have access to IPN rooms

If you are eligible about financial support within ENSAR 2 (1)

Financial support is on a per day basis (80 € per day).
Travel expenses will be refunded (up to 300 €).
Researchers could stay at the IPNO's guest house.

Download all the documents needed:

To book a room, make a request at:

How to book a room? (PDF)

Spokesperson has to send one-page application for financial support to:

To prepare the administrative procedure required for your refund.


ALTO and ANDROMEDE users are requested to return following documents:

The following documents must be sent to:

  • Birth date
  • Social security number (for EU users)
  • Up to date (< 2 years) medical certificate
  • Completed application for access card
  • Acknowledgment of information notice on radiation signed

You will receive an confirmation email with the code to retreive your access badge


You will receive a confirmation of your reservation from:

All the access details will be provided in this email.

For each users supported by ENSAR2, following documents must be sent to:

  • ALTO user registration ENSAR2
  • Account details (IBAN/SWIFT/BIC)

as provided by the bank. (not  a copy made by yourself ).
  It  must be written on official headed paper

  • Copy of your passport/ID card
  • Copy of train or plane tickets
  • Copy of the invoice of tickets
Without receiving these documents on time, your participation in the experiment will be impossible.

Retrieve your access badge as indicated in the confirmation email.

Retrieve your room key as indicated in the confirmation email.

Map for usersaccess details can be found on the map

Make an appointment with:

To make sure that you have provided all the documents needed for refund.


Return your access badge where you retrieved it in first place.


Another user will eventually need it!

Pay your room at IPNO administration building 100M

Return the room keys where you retrieve them in first place

Make sure with ALTO manager secretary:

- That you have signed your "Etats de Frais"
- That you have provided

  • Hotel* invoice name specific and paid
  • Boarding pass and tickets train**
  • Subway tickets and RER
  • All other bills paid (rental car, taxi, …)
*Only true hotel and IPNO Guesthouse invoice are accepted
  **Car trip are not refunded
Please note that no refund could take place if the administrative procedure has not been finished before departure.

  • Ensure that all publications directly linked to the work performed in the framework of the supported project include the following acknowledgement : "The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's HORIZON2020 Program under grant agreement n°654002"
  • Keep the ALTO team informed of all the publications referred above by sending the references to:

Please note that no travel refund could take place before receiving the experiment report.
  • a spokesperson or a co-spokesperson from an Institution of a Member or Associated State (excluding those from French laboratories),
  • Most of the users must work in a country other than France.
  • Most of the users must belong to an Institution of a Member or Associated State
Map for users Map for users (PNG)
Map for users (PDF)
Map of ALTO facility List of hotels