The Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee is an Expert Committee of the European Science Foundation
Nuclear Physics in Medicine

The Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee(NuPECC), an Expert Committee of the European Science Foundation (ESF), is planning to produce a booklet on « Nuclear Physics in Medicine » (working title).
This document will serve to inform the scientific community (beyond the nuclear-physics community), the funding agencies and policy makers, as well as the politicians. Three different chapters have been identified for the paper namely; hadron therapy, imaging and medical radioisotopes.

A Working Group Meeting will take place from May 23rd, 2 PM to MAY 24th, 1 PM at IPN Orsay (France), Salle des Conseils, building 100

Draft scientific program :

Information about how to reach IPN and Hotel accommodation in Orsay on tab “Venue, accommodation, social event” To register, please send a mail at:

Contact secretary :


Working group

Conveners: Marco Durante (D) & Sydney Galès (F)

NuPECC liaisons:  Adam Maj (PL) & Jan Dobes (CZ)

NuPECC Chairperson:  Angela Bracco

NuPECC Scientific Secretary:  Gabriele-Elisabeth Körner

and a number of specialists in the field

  • Guido Baroni (I)
  • Marcus Bleicher (D)
  • Sytze Brandenburg (NL)
  • Paolo Colautti (I)
  • Giacomo Cuttone (I)
  • Dietmar Georg (AT)
  • Christian Graeff (D)
  • Thomas Haberer (D)
  • Itzhak Kelson (IL)
  • Alejandro Mazal (F)
  • Samuel Meyroneinc (F)
  • Pawel Olko (PL)
  • Dieter Röhrich (N)
  • Dieter Schardt (D)
  • Medical consultants
  • Jürgen Debus (D)
  • Jean-Louis Habrand (F)

Invited participants to the meeting

  • Faiçal Azaiez (Director IPN Orsay, France)
  • Sabine Delacroix ( Medical Physicist, CPO Institut Curie, France)