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The gluon and charm content of the deuteron

Stanley J. Brodsky, Kelly Yu-Ju Chiu, Jean-Philippe Lansberg, Nodoka Yamanaka

We evaluate the frame-independent gluon and charm parton-distribution functions (PDFs) of the deuteron utilizing light-front quantization and the impulse approximation. We use a nuclear wave function obtained from solving the nonrelativistic Schrödinger equation with the realistic Argonne v18 nuclear force, which we fold with the proton PDF. The predicted gluon distribution in the deuteron (per nucleon) is a few percent smaller than that of the proton in the domain xbj="Q22pN⋅q∼0.4, whereas it is strongly enhanced for xbj larger than 0.6. We discuss the applicability of our analysis and comment on how to extend it to the kinematic limit xbj2. We also analyze the charm distribution of the deuteron within the same approach by considering both the perturbatively and non-perturbatively generated (intrinsic) charm contributions. In particular, we note that the intrinsic-charm content in the deuteron will be enhanced due to 6-quark “hidden-color” QCD configurations.

See online : Phys. Lett. B 783, 287 (2018)



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