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The central neutron detector for CLAS12

S. Niccolai, G. Hull, J. Bettane, P. Chatagnon, B. Garillon, B. Genolini, B. Guegan, M. Guidal, M. Imre, M. Josselin, D. Marchand, A. Maroni, B. Mathon, G. Murdoch, T. Nguyen Trung, J. Peyré, J. Pouthas, P. Rosier, D. Sokhan, C. Theneau, R.Wang


The Central Neutron Detector, a recently constructed scintillator barrel which is used in CLAS12 at Jefferson Lab to detect 0.2–1 GeV neutrons at backwards angles, is here described. The motivations and R&D tests leading to its final design, based on three radial layers of coupled paddles with one-side light readout by photomultipliers plus “U-turn” lightguides on the other side, are outlined. The performance of the detector, evaluated from cosmic-ray tests and simulations, which satisfies the physics requirements, is reported.

Voir en ligne : NIM A 904, 81 (2018)



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