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The IPHI injector

IPHI (Injecteur de Protons à Haute Intensité) is very high power proton injector demonstrator project, done in collaboration with CEA (IRFU/SACM). It is based on the use of an ECR (Electron Cyclotron Recsonance) ion source, SILHI, delivering a 100 mA proton beam at 95 keV. This beam will then be accelerated up to 3 MeV by a 350 MHz RFQ (Radio-Frequency Quadrupole) operating in CW RF mode (see picture here below). A high-energy beam transport line, equipped with several beam diagnostics, will be able to characterize the produced beam and to guide it towards a dedicated dump.


The Accelerator Research Department is involved in the following topics:

  • thermal modeling of the RFQ structure,
  • development of the RFQ low-level RF control system,
  • design of the high-energy beam transport line,
  • development and tuning of the following beam diagnostics : beam position monitors (BPM), transverse profile monitors (Wire-Scanner), beam energy measurement (Time of Flight) and associated softwares,
  • beam dynamics simulation and beam commissioning (planned in 2014/2015).


A few IPNO related publications...

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Contact : Patrick AUSSET



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