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Tetraquark-adequate QCD sum rules for quark-exchange processes

Wolfgang Lucha, Dmitri Melikhov, and Hagop Sazdjian

We consider quark-hadron duality relations and QCD sum rules for correlators involving exotic tetraquark currents, here specializing to the case of quark-exchange processes. We point out the differences they exhibit with respect to the cases involving ordinary bilinear quark currents. Based on the observation that only diagrams possessing at least four-quark singularities can contribute to the formation of tetraquark states, we show that the quark-hadron duality relations and the corresponding sum rules split into two nonoverlapping relations. The ultimate tetraquark-adequate QCD sum rule is concerned only with one of these relations, in which the operator product expansion starts with diagrams of order O(α2s).

Voir en ligne : Phys. Rev. D 100, 074029 – Published 25 October 2019



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