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Sydney GALES

Galès Sydney Benjamin Prof. Dr

  • Research Director (Emeritus) IPN Orsay, CNRS (France) 
  • Scientific Advisor IFIN-HH/ ELI-NP (Romania)
  • Professor J. Eseinberg Annual Memorial lecture
    (Tel Aviv University 2019)

Contact :
Phone : +33607654243

Date and Place of Birth : November 1st, 1943 at Tunis (Tunisia)
 Citizenship : France

 Education Degrees& Diplomas

1968Master degree in Physics, Paris-Sud University (Orsay, France)
1970Thesis of Specialty, Paris-Sud University (Orsay, France)
1976PhD in Physics and Habilitation (Doctorat d’etat) Paris-Sud University (Orsay, France)

Honors and Awards

Bronze Medal CNRS (France)
Knight of the Queen (The Netherlands)
Chevalier dans l’Ordre National du Mérite (France)
Flerov Prize (JINR Dubna, Russia)
Elected member Academia Europeae (MAE)
Grand Prix Felix Robin French Physical Society (SFP, Fr)
Chevalier dans l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur (France)
Fellow European Physical Society
2019Nominated Professor J.Einsenberg Memorial Lecturer 2019 (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)


More than 250 publications in scientific journals with referees
More than 150 invited papers and lectures in International Conferences, Workshops and Schools
More than 150 seminars and colloquiums in institutes and Universities worldwide.
More than 20 chapters in published books as invited author.

Professional Experience : Career & Appointements

Assistant Professor, Orsay University (France)
1970Research fellow at the Institute of Nuclear Physics Orsay (IPNO)
Center of National Scientific Research (CNRS, France)
1970 - 1972« Research Associate" Laboratory of Nuclear Physics, University of Montreal (Canada)
1972Research staff member at IPNO, CNRS (France)
1978 - 1980Post-doctoral fellow at Michigan State University (USA)
1980 - 1985Principal investigator of International Collaborations and stays in the main center
of Nuclear Physics around the world : MSU& IUCF (USA), JINR-Dubna Russia),
RCNP Osaka& INS Tokyo (Japan)
1986 - 1994Project leader of AGOR and member of the board of directors of the project.
AGOR (Accelerator Groningen -ORsay)
Collaboration CNRS (France)-FOM (Netherlands). Design and construction of the first
European super-conducting cyclotron. Budget (without salaries) 18M€.
Personnel : 50 physicists, engineers, techs
1993Director of Research CNRS ("classe exceptionelle")
1992 - 2009Professor « extraordinary » of Physics at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
Chairman of NuPECC (Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee).
Expert committee of European Science Foundation (15 countries).
Coordinate and impulse the Collaborations and projects of Nuclear Physics and its applications within Europe.
Member of the OECD working group on large-scale facilities and perspectives of subatomic physics
1994 - 2002Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics Orsay
450 staff members (110 physicists, 280 Eng., Tech, Admin, 60 PhD students and foreign visitors).Budget : 20M€
Member Board of directors, National Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics (IN2P3/CNRS, France)
Member Board of Directors GANIL
Chair of scientific council of GANIL (1998-2001)
Board of directors of the European Center for Theoretical Physics (ECT*, Trento, Italy, 1997-2000)
2003 - 2005Chair of the French Scientific Council for particle, nuclear and Astro-particle Physics (IN2P3/CNRS, FRANCE)
Chair of the steering committee for Scientific and Technical Issues (STI) of the International Facility FAIR at GSI
Chair of the review committee of RIKEN –RIB Facility (Japan)
Member of the PAC and of the scientific advisory committee of KVI (Groningen, the Netherlands)
Member of the International Steering Committee of SPIRAL II at GANIL
Member of the ESFRI Physics group (2002-2006)
April - Nov 2004Chair of the national workshop and of the organizing committee "Prospective of Nuclear and High Energy Physics for the next Ten years 2005-2015 (IN2P3-CNRS-DSM-CEA, FRANCE)
November 2004 - Jan 2012Deputy Director at IN2P3/CNRS (France)
July 1st 2005 - Dec 2011Director of Large Scale Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility GANIL (Caen, France)
Staff 300 members, 500 international users/y, 22M€, plus SPIRAL2 project
Member of IUPAP C12 Committee
Member of the OECD working group on NP
Coordinator of ERANET- NuPNET funded project under EU FP7 program : A European Nuclear Physics
Funding Agencies coordination committee (18 European Funding Institutions, 14 Countries)
Member of the PAC and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of KVI (Groningen, the Netherlands)
Chair of the review committee of Nishina Centre for Accelerator Base science RIKEN (Japan)
Member of the RIKEN Advisory Committee (Japan)
Member of the Scientific Council of JINR Dubna (Russia)
Member of International Advisory Committee of the IPAN Krakow (Poland)
Member of International Advisory Committee for the National Laboratory of the Heavy Ion Research
Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL—IAC), China
March 2012 - April 2013Coordinator of International in-kind contributions for the FAIR Project (GSI-De)
April 2013 - Sep 2016Scientific Director of the High Power Laser and Gammas Large Scale Facility project
ELI- NP (Bucharest, Romania) until July 2016

Member of the ELI- Coordination Committee Board until July 2016
Scientific Advisor to the Director IFIN-HH/ELI-N and Member of the International Scientific
Advisory Board of ELI-NP project
Member of International Advisory Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
on site assessment committee for Nuclear Physics.
Member of the S-FRS@NUSTAR-FAIR management board (Germany)
April 2013 - TodayMember of the Scientific Council of JINR Dubna (Russia)
Member of the Physics and Engineering section of Academia Europeae
Chair of the review committee of Nishina Centre for Accelerator Base science RIKEN (Japan)
Member of the International Advisory Committee of Korean Radioactive Ion Science Project (Korea)
Member of the EPS Advisory Board on Science Policies
Member of the IZEST collaboration.
March 2017 - TodayChair Scientific and Technical review committee of iThemba LABS (Cape Town, South Africa)
Chair G-PAC (General Program Advisory Committee) FAIR-GSI (Germany)

Others appointments

  • Member of the editorial board of « Nuclear Instruments &Methods » (Elsevier) (1994-2002)
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Physical review C (2003-2005)
  • Editor of « Nuclear Physics News International » (1993-1998)
  • Referee for Physical Review & Review Letters (APS), Physics Letters & Nuclear Physics (Elsevier) 1980- to day
  • Chairman and/or board member of more than 100 scientific organization committees of International Conferences, School or Workshops (1998-2014)
  • Judge in the Jury for the “International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences” (IADAS), Webby Awards”, New York (1999-to day)
  • Member Editorial Board “Progress of theoretical and experimental Physics journal”, Japan Physical society



Institut de Physique Nucléaire Orsay - 15 rue Georges CLEMENCEAU - 91406 ORSAY (FRANCE)
UMR 8608 - CNRS/IN2P3

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