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Structure et dynamique

The activity of the IPN Nuclear Structure and dynamic groups has been mainly focused on the study of the structure of exotic nuclei following three main research axes :

  1. the study of the evolution of spherical shell structure of nuclei far from stability ;
  2. the study of weakly bound states and nuclear resonances ;
  3. the study of the equation of state of nuclear matter as a function of temperature and nuclear asymmetry as well as the liquid-to-gas phase transition properties.

During the last few years the rapid evolution and major breakthroughs realized in these fields of research were made possible thanks to the availability of new radioactive beams both in France and abroad. The group has a decisive influence on this evolution : indeed, some of the members of our group are involved in the management and the exploitation of ALTO (Accélérateur Linéaire et Tandem à Orsay)which allows in particular the production of very neutron rich nuclei from photofission using ISOL (Isotopic Separation On Line) technique. The study of rarer and shorter-lived nuclear structures requires also a constant improvement in the quality (in terms of efficiency, resolution, granularity, dynamic range etc) of the detectors installed at different facilities like MUST2. During the last years, MUST2 has entered an active exploitation phase and has delivered (and is still delivering) quantities of data. In the meanwhile an important effort is realized in developing state of the art detection equipment in the framework of SPIRAL2 and other large European infrastructure. The group is actively involved in the SPIRAL2 project and particularly in the DESIR, FAZIA, GASPARD, PARIS and S3 projects.



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