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Programme spécifique: Capacities Site du projet SPIRAL2 PP
Début: 01/11/2007, Fin: 31/03/2012
Responsable scientifique IPN: Fadi IBRAHIM
The main goal of the SPIRAL2 PP is to develop and sign the Consortium Agreement allowing for the construction and operation of the facility as a European research infrastructure. The current legal and management structures of the GANIL will be adapted to the international character of the SPIRAL2 project. The SPIRAL2 project located at the GANIL facility (Caen, France) will deliver energetic rare (radioactive) isotope beams with intensities not yet available with presently running machines. The study of the properties of nuclei forming these beams or their interaction with stable nuclei is a rapidly developing field of contemporary nuclear physics, astrophysics and interdisciplinary research. Although the Region Basse-Normandie and the French funding agencies (CNRS and CEA) are financing the investment to the extent of 80% for the baseline project, the budget for several important extensions of the baseline project and for the new detectors, essential for the full exploitation of the SPIRAL2 facility is not ensured today and entirely depends on the success of the Preparatory Phase. The Preparatory Phase will deal with the critical financial, legal and organisational issues related to the international character of the SPIRAL2 facility during its construction and operation phases. Searching for new funding partners will be achieved by direct contacts and negotiations between international partners, their funding agencies and the European Commission as established through the official visits, meetings and workshops. Several critical technical issues have still to be addressed in order to construct the SPIRAL2 facility and associated instrumentation. The corresponding tasks were chosen in order to solve the remaining technical challenges as well as to attract efficiently European partners. In particular, the accent was put on the new instrumentation for SPIRAL2. This topic, being the most attractive for scientists, is an excellent tool to convince the funding agencies of international partners to commit for the construction phase. The attractiveness of SPIRAL2 for outside users will be improved by the construction of new infrastructures.



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