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the radiochemistry groupe

Responsable : Sylvie DELPECH / +33 1 69 15 73 44

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Secrétariat : Elisabeth SEIBERT / +33 1 69 15 51 77

Activities developed by the group of Radiochemistry focus on the physico- chemical properties of actinides to analyze and predict the behavior of these elements in the condensed phase (solid, solution, solid / solution interfaces).

On the solid state, the studies focus on the synthesis and dissolution of compounds (oxides, carbides) based on actinides and / or long life fission products as well as the determination of their physico -chemical properties in relation with their behavior in water and / or under irradiation.

The main objectives of research on actinides in liquid medium concerns speciation (thermodynamic and electrochemical behavior, structural environment determined both by EXAFS measurements and molecular simulation). Actinides in aqueous solution, in organic medium, biological environment, molten salts at high temperature and in some ionic liquids at room temperature are studied in the group.

All these fundamental themes on actinides are strongly associated with issues related to nuclear fuel cycles and management of wastes (cements, carbon in wastes) from the nuclear industry. It relates in particular to future methods of reprocessing fuel for Generation IV reactors and the environmental behavior of radioactive material.



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