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Soft breathing modes in neutron-rich nuclei with the subtracted second random-phase approximation

D. Gambacurta, M. Grasso, and O. Sorlin

We analyze the isoscalar response related to breathing modes with particular attention being paid to low-lying excitations in neutron-rich nuclei. We use the subtracted second random-phase approximation (SSRPA) to describe microscopically the response. By increasing the neutron excess, we study the evolution of the response in Ca isotopes going from 40Ca to 48Ca and to 60Ca as well as in N=20 isotones going from 40Ca to 36S (...)

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Nuclear jets in heavy-ion collisions

P.Napolitani, M.Colonna

Head-on collisions between nuclei of different size at Fermi energies may give rise to extremely deformed dynamical regimes and patterns. Those latter, may suddenly turn into a stream of nuclear clusters, resembling collimated jets. This mechanism, which could be easily addressed in experiments, is simulated in the framework of stochastic one-body approaches. We employ the Boltzmann-Langevin equation to specifically address out-of-equilibrium conditions and handle dynamical fluctuations. (...)

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Detection properties and internal activity of newly developed La-containing scintillator crystals

Giulia Hull, Michaël Josselin

In this work we will present the characterization, in terms of gamma response and internal activity of newly developed crystals that contains Lanthanum in their chemical formula. In particular we tested two LaBr3:Ce,Sr, one CLLBC and two CLLB crystals with different volumes. These crystals just overcome the prototype stage and, even if the production in still not standardized at least for large optics, they have been very recently commercialized in sizes interesting for high-energy (...)

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Study of light yield for different configurations of plastic scintillators and wavelength shifting fibers

Giulia Hull, Miktat Imre, Michaël Josselin, Alain Maroni, Tiina Suomijärvi

Abstract In the effort of the AugerPrime scintillator surface detector R&D activity, we investigated the performances of different extruded and cast plastic scintillators that were read out with wavelength-shifting (WLS) optical fibers and then coupled to a PMT. In particular we compared the light yield of eighteen scintillator/fiber configurations, obtained combining eight different scintillator bars with six fiber types, in order to investigate which was satisfying the AugerPrime (...)

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Spectroscopy of strongly deformed 32Ne by proton knockout reactions

I. Murray, M. MacCormick

Low-lying states of neutron-rich 32Ne were populated by means of one- and two-proton knockout reactions at the RIKEN Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory. A new transition is observed at 1410(15) keV and assigned to the 4+1→2+1 decay. With this energy the R4/2 ratio is calculated to be 2.99(6), lying close to the rigid rotor limit and suggests a high degree of collectivity and strongest deformation among neutron-rich neon isotopes. Comparisons of experimental inclusive and exclusive (...)

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