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Experimental overview of Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering

N. D’Hose, S. Niccolai, A. Rostomyan

Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) is a key reaction to gain information on Generalized Parton Distributions. In this paper the existing measurements of DVCS on the nucleon, as well as those planned for the near future, are presented and discussed.

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Production of highly polarized positrons using polarized electrons at MeV energies

D. Abbott, et al. (PEPPo collaboration)

The Polarized Electrons for Polarized Positrons experiment at the injector of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility has demonstrated for the first time the efficient transfer of polarization from electrons to positrons produced by the polarized bremsstrahlung radiation induced by a polarized electron beam in a high-Z target. Positron polarization up to 82% have been measured for an initial electron beam momentum of 8.19 MeV/c, limited only by the electron beam polarization. This (...)

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From effective field theories to effective density functionals in and beyond the mean field

M. Grasso, D. Lacroix, U. van Kolck

Since the 1975 Nobel Prize in Physics, nuclear theory has evolved along two main directions. On the one hand, the energy–density functional (EDF) theory was established, which presently encompasses (by enlarging the EDF framework) all the mean-field and beyond-mean-field theories based on energy functionals produced by effective phenomenological interactions. Highly sophisticated structure and reaction models are currently available for the treatment of (...)

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Molecular bremsstrahlung radiation at GHz frequencies in air

O. Deligny

A detection technique for ultra-high-energy cosmic rays, complementary to the fluorescence technique, would be the use of the molecular Bremstrahlung radiation emitted by low-energy ionization electrons left after the passage of the showers in the atmosphere. In this article, a detailed estimate of the spectral intensity of photons at ground level originating from this radiation is presented. The spectral intensity expected from the passage of the high-energy electrons of the cascade (...)

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Strong three-meson couplings of J/psi and eta_c

H. Sazdjian

We discuss the strong couplings g_PPV and g_VVP for vector (V) and pseudoscalar (P) mesons, at least one of which is a charmonium state J/psi or eta_c. The strong couplings are obtained as residues at the poles of suitable form factors, calculated in a broad range of momentum transfers using a dispersion formulation of the relativistic constituent quark model. The form factors obtained in this approach satisfy all constraints known for these quantities in the heavy-quark limit. Our results (...)

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