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Long-wavelength phonons in the crystalline and pasta phases of neutron-star crusts

David Durel and Michael Urban

We study the long-wavelength excitations of the inner crust of neutron stars, considering three phases : cubic crystals at low densities, and rods and plates near the core-crust transition. To describe the phonons, we write an effective Lagrangian density in terms of the coarse-grained phase of the neutron superfluid gap and of the average displacement field of the clusters. The kinetic energy, including the entrainment of the neutron gas by the (...)

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The gluon and charm content of the deuteron

Stanley J. Brodsky, Kelly Yu-Ju Chiu, Jean-Philippe Lansberg, Nodoka Yamanaka

We evaluate the frame-independent gluon and charm parton-distribution functions (PDFs) of the deuteron utilizing light-front quantization and the impulse approximation. We use a nuclear wave function obtained from solving the nonrelativistic Schrödinger equation with the realistic Argonne v18 nuclear force, which we fold with the proton PDF. The predicted gluon distribution in the deuteron (per nucleon) is a few percent smaller than that of the proton in the (...)

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High-resolution study of levels in the astrophysically important nucleus 26Mg and resulting updated level assignments

P. Adsley, J. W. Brümmer, T. Faestermann, S. P. Fox, F. Hammache, R. Hertenberger, A. Meyer, R. Neveling, D. Seiler, N. de Séréville, and H.-F. Wirth

Background : The 22Ne(α,n)25Mg reaction is an important source of neutrons for the s-process. Direct measurement of this reaction and the competing 22Ne(α,γ)26Mg reaction are challenging due to the gaseous nature of both reactants, the low cross section and the experimental challenges of detecting neutrons and high-energy γ rays. Detailed knowledge of the resonance properties enables the rates to be constrained for s-process models. Purpose : (...)

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Laser-spectroscopy studies of the nuclear structure of neutron-rich radium

K.M. Lynch et al.

The neutron-rich radium isotopes, Ra222−233, were measured with Collinear Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy (CRIS) at the ISOLDE facility, CERN. The hyperfine structure of the 7s2S01→7s7pP13 transition was probed, allowing measurement of the magnetic moments, quadrupole moments, and changes in mean-square charge radii. These results are compared to existing literature values, and the new moments and change in mean-square charge radii of Ra231 are presented. (...)

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Mapping the demise of collective motion in nuclei at high excitation energy

D. Santonocito, Y. Blumenfeld et al.

High energy gamma-rays from the 116Sn + 24Mg reaction at 23A MeV were measured using the MEDEA detector at LNS – INFN Catania. Combining this new data with previous measurements yields a detailed view of the quenching of the Giant Dipole Resonance as a function of excitation energy in nuclei of mass A in the range 120÷132. The transition towards the disappearance of the dipole strength, which occurs around 230 MeV excitation energy, appears to be (...)

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