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S3 project

S3 (Super Separator Spectrometer) is a device designed for experiments with the very high intensity stable beams of the superconducting linear accelerator of SPIRAL2 @GANIL. An international collaboration has been formed for the construction of this spectrometer. It is composed of normal and superconducting magnets (dipoles, quadrupoles and multiplets) and includes an electrostatic dipole.

Figure 1 : Ligne S3

Le dipôle électrostatique

IPNO is in charge of the development, construction, tests and delivery of this device. The power supplies, in fact voltage multipliers on boards and under SF6 are directly connected to the electrodes and will be delivered by Argonne National laboratory.
It is composed of two electrodes polarized at a +/- 300 kV voltage, 200 mm gap, with a opening in the median plane for the primary beam, collected on a beam dump.

Figure 1 shows the location of the electric dipole in the S3 line and figure 2 the 3D model. Electric fields were calculated by using OPERA3D, cross checked by ANSYS. Careful design allowed the limitation of the maximum electric field and the best quality of the electric field between the electrodes. The trajectories are in a first step performed with OPERA3D and in a second stage with TraceWin for the calculation of the entire spectrometer.

The conditioning will be done at IPNO before final delivery to GANIL.


Figure 2 : Dipôle électrostatique



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