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Accelerator technology & physics

The Research and Development (R&D) activities on accelerators science and technology are taken in charge by the Accelerator Research Department, according to the following main missions :

  • improve the accelerators technology and the accelerator physics understanding through dedicated R&D activities,
  • design and build operational accelerators with associated instrumentation,
  • supply accelerated beams to physics experiment, including technical support.

The activities are therefore focused on most of the accelerator components, with a special expertise on targets & ion sources systems for the production of stable and radioactive beams, superconducting accelerating cavities and associated Radio-Frequency (RF) equipments, general instrumentation (electronics, thermal sensors, beam diagnostics...), cryogenic systems.

The major part of these activities is related to the projects in which the Institute is engaged as a leader or as an important partner. In connection with these projects, forefront R&D work is also promoted to maintain the level of expertise and anticipate innovative solutions for relevant key technological issues related to the development of future accelerators.

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(Activity report 2010-2012)



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