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Physique et Radiochimie de l’energie Nucléaire

Activities related to energy nuclear revolve around several questions, such as the production of nuclear energy using new options in the purpose of minimizing waste generation or the depletion of uranium resources ; improving reactor safety ; optimizing the management of fissile materials in reactor facilities. They rely on hard disciplines like reactor physics, nuclear physics, or radiochemistry, and can sometimes turn into interdisciplinary projects by extending them to cover sociological, economic, or other aspects. These research activities are also of public concern : they can help shed scientific and academic light on controversial nuclear questions such as reactor safety, nuclear energy’s place in the energy mix, and the management of radioactive waste.

The nuclear energy topic at IPN can draw on the skills of the PACS (Physics de l’Aval du Cycle et Spallation*) groups, the Radiochemistry group, and the Accelerator Division.

The potential of these future options is assessed through the study of systems and scenarios. These are based on research into different types of reactor and/or of innovative fuels. There are multiple assessment criteria and these must be accurately quantified as a strategic decisional aid, as regards both the development of industrial aspects and the ambitious research programmes. Our approach is one of not according prior privilege to any niche. Thus the various systems and cle es of the f theseare -iuseveral qu: thRadio qu: th

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