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Programme spécifique: -
Début: 01/12/2017, Fin: 30/09/2021
Responsable scientifique IPN: V. SLADKOV

PLUTON is a project proposed by three academic laboratories (ICMUB, PINO, IRNS) and an industrial partner (TrisKem). The aim is the development of an in situ environmental monitoring of Plutonium by using the technique of Diffuse Gradients in Thin films (DGT) for a selective discrimination of tetravalent actinides from di or trivalent transition metals. Additionally the DGT should be usable in various physico-chemistry environments for in situ applications (nuclear sites, contamination of aquatic systems). Specific chelators with very high binding affinity and selectivity will be designed, characterized from structural and thermodynamic points of view, bund to organic polymers and tested in real environmental conditions.



Institut de Physique Nucléaire Orsay - 15 rue Georges CLEMENCEAU - 91406 ORSAY (FRANCE)
UMR 8608 - CNRS/IN2P3

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