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Narrow exotic tetraquark mesons in large-N_c QCD

Hagop Sazdjian

Discussing four-point Green functions of bilinear quark currents in large-N_c QCD, we formulate rigorous criteria for selecting diagrams appropriate for the analysis of potential tetraquark poles. We find that both flavor-exotic and cryptoexotic (i.e., flavor-nonexotic) tetraquarks, if such poles exist, have a width of order O(1/N_c^2), so they are parametrically narrower compared to the ordinary mesons, which have a width of order O(1/N_c). Moreover, for flavor-exotic states, the consistency of the large-N_c behavior of "direct" and "recombination" Green functions requires two narrow flavor-exotic states, each coupling dominantly to one specific meson-meson channel.

Voir en ligne : Phys. Rev. D 96, 014022 (2017)



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