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Monitoring Board

Project organization

The monitoring board

It has met twice a year during the ANDROMEDE construction and installation phase and consisted of the following members :

  • Faiçal Azaïez then Bruno Espagnon, IPN Orsay directors,
  • Etienne Augé, Paris Sud University vice-president,
  • Alain Brunelle, external member from the ICSN at Gif sur Yvette,
  • Odile Stephan, external member from LPS of the Paris-Sud University,
  • Valérie Chambert then Bruno Espagnon, in charge of the Instrumentation and Computers Department,
  • Catherine Salou, responsible for the Administration,
  • Saïd Essabaa then Sébatien Bousson, in charge of the Accelerators Department,
  • Fadi Ibrahim, in charge of the Research Department,
  • Jean-François Le Du, responsible for the prevention and radiation protection Department,
  • Véronique Poux, project manager officer,
  • Evelyne Cottereau then Jean Lesrel, technic responsible,
  • Serge Della-Negra, scientific responsible.



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