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Modeling Simulation

Head of Team


Building 102C
Phone : + (33) 1 69 15 51 78

Building 102C
Phone : + (33) 1 69 15 71 13

Missions AND ActivitIEs

Within the Accelerator Research Department, the main tasks of the Modeling & Simulation group are as follows:

  •  general design of particle accelerators and associated systems,
  •  beam dynamics simulations,
  •  design, modeling and simulation of specific accelerator components,
  •  development of new computational tools.


Accelerator design

  • Design of linear accelerators (linac), with specific expertise on hadron superconducting linacs
  • Design of beam transport lines
  • Construction monitoring and beam commissioning

Modeling & simulation activities

Project coordination

  • Coordination of projects or work packages for accelerators in design or construction phase, or for innovative R&D activities
  • Expertise in European projects management

Teaching, valorization, communication

  • Teaching activities at University Paris-Sud (Master2 APIM)
  • Coaching of PhDs and students
  • Communications in seminars & training courses (IN2P3 schools, CAS...)
  • Reviews for projects and articles (Phys.Rev. STAB, NIM-A...)
  • About 20 annual publications

A few recent achievments

SPIRAL-2 project

  • Design of the linear accelerator for the Spiral-2 project
    • Injector
    • Superconducting linac
    • High-energy beam lines
  • Construction monitoring & beam commissioning
  • Design of the beam tranport lines for the future DESIR facility
  • ...

MYRRHA project

  • Coordination of the MAX project "Myrrha Accelerator eXperiment R&D programme" (FP7 Euratom) (jusqu’au avril 2016) :
  • Design of the linear accelerator for the ADS demonstrator project MYRRHA
    • Superconducting linac
    • High-energy beam lines
  • Development of innovative concepts to improve accelerator reliability and associated experiments
  • Design of the reactor barrier beam window
  • Participation to the development of the MYRRHA prototype injector in UCL

other projects & R&D topics

  • Study of the multipacting phenomenon in RF cavities
  • Participation to the commissioning of IPHI
  • Development of an innovative 4D emittance-meter
  • Participation to the developement of a solid hydrogen target (Chymene project)
  • Participation to the construction of Andromède
  • Development of computational tools for specific needs
  • Participation to project SESAME 2017 ReTIEN.
  • ...


  BIRA  Sarra birasarra      106G     G122          0169157938  
  GASSOT  Hui Min gassot      102C     C115c          0169156256  
  GUILLOT  Julien guillotjulien                     0169155101  
  KRAFT  Henri kraft      102C     C120b          0169157160  
  LAUNAY  François launayf      102C     C114a          0169156724  
  MINAYA RAMIREZ  Enrique minaya      102C     C117          0169154461  
  MORIN  Elodie morin      102C     C117          0169158161  
  PERROT  Luc perrot      102C     C116          0169157158  
  QUIPOURT  Virginie quipourt      102C     C124          0169157113  



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