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WP3: Main linac developments

Accelerating the beam from 17 MeV up to the 600 MeV final energy, the MYRRHA main linac is composed of an array of independently-powered spoke and elliptical superconducting cavities with high energy acceptance and moderate accelerating gradients, grouped in “cryomodules”. Together with high acceleration efficiency and safe beam optics, such a modular scheme especially provides sufficient tuning flexibility and operation margins to allow the implementation of a fault-tolerance capability, which is of crucial importance for reliability enhancement.

WP3 “Main linac developments” aims at pursuing the R&D on these modular accelerating components. During EUROTRANS, a prototypical 700 MHz ADS-type cryomodule of the high-energy section has been designed and built from scratch, considering reliable aspects derived from the experience accumulated by the TESLA Test Facility (TTF) and the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). This module, which contains a 5-cell ß 0.5 elliptical superconducting cavity equipped with its blade tuner system and fed by a 80 kW Thales Electron Devices® IOT through a 150 kW power coupler, is presently being installed and commissioned at IPN Orsay.

The objective of WP3 is here to take benefit of this unique apparatus and use it as a test bench to perform reliability-oriented experiments. In this context, the practical development of a new generation RF control system devoted to guarantee fault tolerance against failures of RF components is of high priority.

Also, spoke superconducting cavities have been confirmed at the end of the EUROTRANS programme as the most promising technology for the intermediate-energy range (17-90 MeV), and even as a serious alternative candidate for higher energies. As a matter of fact, several excellent experimental test results have been obtained, where a spoke cavity was operated successfully together with its main ancillaries. These R&D activities need to be pursued, so as to further optimise this rather young technology; the goal in the MAX context will be to reach a detailed design of a MYRRHA-like spoke cryomodule, first building block of the main superconducting linac.

This WP3 “Main Linac Developments” is ensured by INFN and articulated in three tasks:

• Task 3.1: Reliability-oriented experiments with a fully-equipped 700 MHz prototypical cryomodule
Due date of deliverable: July 2014

• Task 3.2: Experimental evaluation of ADEX control on a 700 MHz prototypical cryomodule
Partners: ADEX, CNRS, INFN
Due date of deliverable: January 2014

• Task 3.3: Engineering design of a MYRRHA-like spoke cryomodule
Due date of deliverable: January 2014

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