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WP1: Global accelerator design

The EUROTRANS conclusions identify a reliability-oriented superconducting linac as the reference solution for the European ADS concept, and an advanced conceptual design of this accelerator, suited to the MYRRHA/ XT-ADS case, has been proposed. This machine consists of a 17 MeV injector, possibly doubled, followed by a modular superconducting main linac with fault tolerance capability. The objective of WP1 “Global accelerator design” is to build on this EUROTRANS reference design, so as to reach an up-to-date coherent and consolidated design of the MYRRHA 600 MeV accelerator.

As a starting point, the XT-ADS linac design has to be reviewed and analysed so as to identify the main topics that need further design activities in view of the MYRRHA requirements. The linac design will have then to be updated and consolidated, by means especially of advanced beam simulations based on start-to-end simulations and associated error analyses. The goal of WP1 will be to produce the MAX final report, presenting the consolidated MYRRHA linac design together with assessments on new R&D results, new reliability studies, preliminary infrastructures definition and revised cost estimates. Finally, conclusions and recommendations will be formulated, including a roadmap towards the actual construction of the MYRRHA accelerator.

In this context, WP1 will be in charge to coordinate the activities performed in the other MAX work packages, and to ensure strong links with the CDT project based in Mol (Belgium), and with the related R&D ongoing in the accelerator community.

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This WP1 “Global Acceleraror Design” is ensured by SCK•CEN and divided into five different tasks.

• Task 1.1: Analysis of the XT-ADS accelerator design & detailed work programme
Partners: CNRS, SCK•CEN
Due date of deliverable: April 2011

• Task 1.2: Design fine-tuning and beam simulation codes benchmarking
Partners: CNRS, CEA, FE-UCP, IAP
Due date of deliverable: October 2012

• Task 1.3: Preliminary buildings and infrastructures definition
Partners: EA, ACS, SCK•CEN
Due date of deliverable: July 2013

• Task 1.4: Advanced beam dynamics simulations
Partners: CEA, CNRS, IAP
Due date of deliverable: January 2014

• Task 1.5: MAX final report: analysis of the MYRRHA accelerator consolidated design, conclusions and recommendations
Due date of deliverable: July 2014

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