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Studiecentrum Voor Kernenergie (SCK•CEN), Belgium

Website: http://www.sckcen.be

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) is a Foundation of Public Utility (FPU), with a legal status according to private law, under the tutorial of the Belgian Federal Minister in charge of energy. SCK•CEN has about 600 employees, of which one third has an academic degree. The statutory mission gives the priority to research on problems of societal concern:
• Safety of nuclear installations
• Radiation protection
• Safe treatment and disposal of radioactive waste
• Fight against uncontrolled proliferation of fissile materials
• Fight against terrorism

The main facilities of SCK•CEN are
• BR2: a 100 MWth material testing reactor
• BR1: a 4 MWth graphite gas research reactor
• VENUS: a zero power critical facility
• BR3: the first PWR reactor built outside the USA, presently serving as a European demonstration programme for reactor dismantling since 1990 after 25 years of operation
• HADES: an underground research laboratory at -230 m in clay for high level waste disposal
• LHMA: laboratory for high and medium activity with various hot cells for irradiated fuel and structural materials
• nuclear chemical laboratories for research on highly radioactive materials including irradiated MA

Since 1998 SCK•CEN is developing MYRRHA, an Accelerator Driven sub-critical System (ADS), in collaboration with many European laboratories and research centres. It consists of a high power proton accelerator coupled to a liquid Pb-Bi spallation target in a Pb-Bi cooled sub-critical fast core. MYRRHA will serve as the basis for the European experimental ADS. It will provide protons and neutrons for various R&D applications, among which transmutation studies are a key item.

SCK•CEN has participated at the European TWG on the European Roadmap for ADS transmutation and coordinated the ADOPT Thematic Network. SCK•CEN has participated in the following FP5 P&T projects: PDS-XADS, FUTURE, SPIRE, TECLA, MEGAPIE-Test, ASCHLIM, MUSE. Today SCK•CEN terminates the coordination of domain DM1 in the FP6 project EUROTRANS, and it coordinates the FP7 project CDT.

SCK•CEN key person involved in the MAX project:

Dr. Dirk VANDEPLASSCHE obtained a PhD in Nuclear Physics at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He then joined CERN during 4 years, where he was a member of the Operations Group of the SPS and LEP machines, and later of the LEAR machine. He pursued his career as an accelerator physicist at Ion Beam Applications, participating in the magnetic design and measurements, in the beam dynamics studies and initial beam tests for several cyclotrons, especially for IBA's 235 MeV cyclotron for Proton Therapy. He participated in the FP5 project PDSXADS and in the FP6 IP-EUROTRANS, both times in the Accelerator Work Package. In 2008 he joined SCK•CEN in the framework of the Myrrha project, and more particularly in view of initiating the local activities around its linear accelerator.

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