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Adaptive Predictive Expert Control (Adex), Spain

Website: http://www.adexcop.com

Adaptive Predictive Expert Control ADEX S.L. is a spin-off from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) based in Madrid. It holds the international patents for Adaptive Predictive Expert Control ADEX technology from which the company also derives its name. The main activities of ADEX S.L. are described as follows:

• Process Control & Optimization R&D: The research team of ADEX S.L. has more than 30 years of ongoing R&D activity in the area of process control and optimization, leading to the introduction and industrial application of Predictive; Adaptive Predictive & ADEX control methodologies.
• Development & Implementation of ADEX Systems: Once a specific Optimized Control Strategy for process has been tested and validated, a generic ADEX System can be developed. ADEX systems can be implemented either remotely "On Top" or embedded in client control systems.
• Engineering Support for Overall Plant Optimization: ADEX S.L. can also support clients to define solutions for the overall optimization of plant, especially with regard to areas such as logistics, maintenance, instrumentation and process design.
ADEX systems have successfully been applied in a wide variety of industrial areas, such as energy, chemical and petrochemical, environmental, aerospace, cement, naval and food industry.
Presently, ADEX is involved in the European FP7 Flexi-Burn project “Development of High Efficiency CFB Technology to Provide Flexible Air/Oxy Operation for Power Plant with CCS”.
In the nuclear area, ADEX participated with UNED in the FP6 Eurotrans project “European Research Program for the transmutation of High Level Nuclear Waste in an Accelerator Driven System”, where it contributed within Domain 1 to the deliverable D1.61, Design of the Final Beam Line for the XT-ADS. Likewise, ADEX participates in the FP7 CDT project “Central Design Team”, which is the next step of the Eurotrans project for the development of the engineering design of a first step experimental device.

ADEX key persons involved in the MAX project:

Dr. Juan M. Martín Sánchez is currently the President of ADEX, S.L., and full professor at UNED. In 1976 he filed the first patent application on Adaptive Predictive Control (APC), where the first independent claim introduced the principle of Predictive Control. He has carried out more than 200 industrial applications of APC, is the author of more than 100 papers, two additional patents and three books on APC, has presented plenary sessions in international conferences, seminars and congresses, and has been a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Control. In 2009 he was elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow for his contributions to adaptive predictive control methodologies.

Mr. Hector Pastor Borgoñón is a fully qualified Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and has 15 years experience in the area of industrial control, automation and optimization. His principal experience has been in the area of plant optimization, improving efficiency and reducing energy costs, particularly in heavy industries. In addition to extensive experience in the cement industry, he has also carried out several optimization projects in power stations including Barranco de Tirajana of ENDESA. His professional career began in 1992 with SCAP Europa and in 2005, he moved to ADEX S.L.

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