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Accelerators and Cryogenic Systems (ACS), France

Website: http://www.acsfrance.com

ACS is a French SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise), specialized in particle accelerator engineering. Its main activities concern:
- Particle accelerators engineering (conception, realisation and marketing) and all their associated technological environment and services,
- Design, retail or location of any devices or electronic radio-frequency, computing or office automation systems, and also of any industrial machines,
- Cryogenic related provision of services,
- Acquisition, exploitation and resale of any process and patents related to these activities,
- Consulting, assistance and training in the previously mentioned domains,
- Purchase and resale of any products and raw materials concerning these activities,
- Research and developments related to particle accelerators and associated domains.
Specialized in particle accelerator technologies based on superconducting cavities and associated cryogenic equipments, the ACS company proposes engineering services, ranging from technical studies and follow-up of fabrication up to prototyping tests in the CNRS/IPNO technological platforms. More than a dozen of new generation particle accelerators based on superconducting technologies will be constructed in the coming years in Europe. This very dynamic market is growing rather fast and allows creating a strong and close link between high-tech companies and the fundamental or applied research partners. The marketing strategy is based on two axis:
- The ACS founding team is evolving within the international scientific community allowing to monitor technological developments and to catch market opportunities. ACS is then able to propose specialized services to laboratories and institutions which are animating this community.
- With high-tech companies concerned by the realization of the demands issued from research, ACS is developing a partnership strategy, insuring SME to have, upstream, the information, advices and help to be able to properly respond to call for tenders, and downstream, to provide services for fabrication follow-up, conditioning and testing of their products.

ACS key person involved in the MAX project:

Tomas Junquera: Master degree in Physics, University of Madrid, Spain (1965) – Doctoral Thesis in Physics, University of Paris-Sud (1972) – Institut Physique Nucleaire Orsay (France): design and tests of RF systems and Power Electronics for the new developments on Heavy Ion Linac and Cyclotrons (Variable Energy Cyclotron and Synchrocyclotron) – Leader of the Superconducting Cavities Group at the IPNO (1986-1992). Introduction of the RF Superconductivity activities in the Orsay Laboratory. Installation of a cryogenic laboratory, and starting with basic technology research for the development of SC cavities – Deputy Director of the Accelerator Division at IPN Orsay (1996-2002). Activities related to proton accelerators were launched in this period, participating to the new European programs, like Eurisol for Nuclear Physics, and Eurotrans for Accelerator Driven Systems applications. Development of the first “spoke” cavities prototypes in Europe and its associated equipments – Responsible of the Cryogenic Instrumentation Work Package in the France-LHC collaboration (1994-2002). This task consists in developing and calibrating all cryogenic sensors installed in the LHC accelerator. A dedicated calibration facility was constructed and installed in Orsay – Leader of the Spiral 2 Driver Accelerator Project Team (2005-2009). This 170 M€ facility dedicated to Nuclear Physics studies using radioactive beams is based on a superconducting accelerator and is under construction in GANIL, France – Retired from CNRS/IN2P3 in November 2009 – Co-founder of SAS Accelerator and Cryogenic Systems, Orsay (France).

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