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WP5: Coordination of the project


The goal of this work package is to deal with the overall management of the project, ensure the liaison with the European Commission, coordinate the dissemination of the results, and provide assistance to the project coordinator.

This WP5 “Coordination of the project” is ensured by CNRS-IPNO, will be especially responsible for delivering:

MAX project presentation: April 2011

click here to download

MAX communication action plan: July 2011

Financial and activity report for the first Reporting Period, from month 1 to month 18: First financial and activity report: July 2012

Financial and activity report for the second Reporting Period, from month 19 to month 36: Second & final financial and activity report: January 2015

WP6: Education & training


The MAX School has been organized in Frankfurt, Germany (October 1st & 2nd, 2013). To download the presentations, please click here.

This WP6 “Education & Traning” ensured by IAP is non-technical and concerns education and training aspects.

The training programme is directly linked to the R&D activities that surround the MYRRHA project: the MAX project is the core R&D for the MYRRHA accelerator, and it will be complemented by the actual construction and test of the initial part of the MYRRHA injector, consisting of (at least) the ECR ion source and the 4-rod RFQ.

To fulfil this R&D programme, the MAX partners in general, and the participating universities in particular, aim at integrating a number of PhD students in their research activities. In this way young people will be trained in different aspects of this R&D programme as much as possible. The very technical Work Packages WP2 and WP3 are especially good candidates for this approach.

Moreover, in order to provide the students with a global overview of the field of ADS driver accelerators and its R&D, common training sessions and seminars will be organized, possibly opened to a broader public of students via the ENEN gateway. Such seminars will be regularly organised, in particular by the IAP partner (from University of Frankfurt) which is already a member of ENEN.

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