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"SPIRAL2 is a new European facility to be built at the GANIL laboratory in Caen, France. The project aims at delivering rare (radioactive) isotope beams with intensities not yet available with present machines. SPIRAL2 will reinforce the European leadership in the field of nuclear physics based on exotic nuclei"

ESFRI roadmap 2006


The SPIRAL2 project is based on a multi-beam driver in order to allow both ISOL and low-energy in-flight techniques to produce Radioactive Ion Beams (RIB). A superconducting light/heavy-ion linac with an acceleration potential of about 40 MV capable of accelerating 5 mA deuterons up to 40 MeV and 1 mA heavy ions up to 14.5 MeV/u is used to bombard both thick and thin targets. These beams could be used for the production of intense RIB by several reaction mechanisms (fusion, fission, transfer, etc.) and technical methods (ISOL, IGISOL, recoil spectrometers, etc.).


The SPIRAL2 linear accelerator is presently in its final construction phase, with first beams planned end 2014. As a major partner, IPN Orsay is heavily committed in the design study and the construction of the SPIRAL2 facility. As far as the linac driver is concerned, the Accelerator Department has the responsibility of the following work packages :




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