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The Tandem

The Tandem is a 15 MV electrostatic accelerator. It consists of three successive parts : the injector, a pulsation system and the accelerator itself.

The injector is the ion source platform which produces the ions beam injected in the accelerator.

The beam delivered is steady. The pulsation system is a device used to convert the steady beam into a pulsed beam following the specifications of the experiment.

The accelerator looks like a blue submarine inside of which the high voltage is generated by bringing positive charges at the center of the accelerator with an insulated chain. 

To produce the requested nuclear beams, the selected atoms are first negatively charged in a dedicated ion source. They are then injected in the accelerator at 100 KeV. As the ions are negative, they are accelerated towards the center of the accelerator by the positive high voltage. At the center, they go through a thin layer of gas or carbon. This way, they get stripped and become positive ions which then have a second step acceleration, towards the end of the accelerator which is at ground. Depending on the charge state of the positive ions, the final energy ranges from ten to hundreds of MeV.

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