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LICORNE is a unique, high-flux, directional neutron source based at the Tandem accelerator of the IPN Orsay, operational since June 2013.

LICORNE produces intense, kinematically focused, monoenergetic beams of neutrons currently between the energies of 0.5 and 4 MeV. The neutron production is achieved using the capability of the IPN Orsay tandem to produce intense (13-17 MeV) beams of 7Li which produce kinematically focused neutrons in cones with opening angles between 0 and 25 degrees when bombarding hydrogen-rich targets. Further details of how LICORNE works can be found here.

LICORNE is complementary to neutron sources at other laboratories since it has a combination of both high neutron flux and a natural directionality which permits placement of sensitive detectors near the sample to be irradiated, but out of the neutron beam. Current maximum fluxes achievable are up to almost 108 neutrons/second/steradian. The LICORNE hydrogen gas target which is currently under development should increase fluxes by a further factor of 2.

LICORNE is developed by a team of researchers at the IPN Orsay, M. Lebois, J.N. Wilson and P. Halipré, in collaboration with S. Oberstedt and the EC Joint Research Centre IRMM in Belgium and A. Oberstedt, Chalmers University.

The current LICORNE physics program covers a diverse range of experiments for both fundamental and applied physics, from nuclear reactions and the study of prompt gamma and neutron emission in nuclear fission, to nuclear structure and the production of exotic neutron-rich nuclei.

In particular, the unique directionality of LICORNE allows investigation of the spectroscopy of fast neutron induced reactions. LICORNE was commissioned in 2013, but there are already several publications detailing the development of the neutron source and the first physics results. In addition, experiments with the LICORNE neutron source provide the opportunity for Ph.D. studies and internships. For further information regarding experiments that require the directional neutrons produced by LICORNE and potential proposals for the next IPN PAC, please contact J.N. Wilson or M. Lebois.



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