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Electronics: design and fabrication in the RDD group

We design and implement the integration of electronics. For complex developments, see the electronics group.

We validate our designs with our test and measurement equipment.

Softwares used in the department

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Board design with PowerPCB

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Board designed with PowerLogic

We use PowerLogic and PowerPCB from PADS corparation to make drawing and layouts for printed circuit boards, from one to 6-8 layers.

Packaging designed with Autocad

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Case and board integration designed with the CAD

We use AutoCadfor 2D drawings, to study the integration for prototyping and others tools in test systems.

Equipment of the workshop

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The workshop

The electronics workshop has two stands. One of them is covered with a ground plane shielding made of thin brass for low-noise measurements.
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Metcal Station

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Solder fumes aspiration and filtration system

2 Metcal soldering stations, some of them are exclusively dedicated to lead free solder. An aspiration and filtration system prevents the fumes from being dissipated in the room.

Contact : G. Hull



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