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IPN Orsay delivered the klystrons for the FAIR project at GSI

As part of the FAIR project, a proton linac (pLinac) is planned to accelerate protons up to 70 MeV. The duration of the pulse beam is 70 μs and the current during the pulse is 70 mA. The linac will consist of an RFQ and 6 cavities Crossed-bar-H (CH) accelerating the beam to its final energy. The RF power will be provided by 7 klystrons of 3 MW at peak power during 200 μs at a repetition rate of 4 Hz.

Since 2010, the IPNO has been responsible for the pLinac’s RF power . Collaboration with THALES have jointly developed a prototype klystron corresponding to the needs of the project. Once completed, the klystron was delivered and tested at GSI in 2014. 6 more klystrons were ordered and just before Christmas, December 20, 2017, the 6 klystrons equipped with their tanks made at IPNO have been delivered to GSI.

The commissioning of the proton Linac is planned for 2021.

PNG - 242.4 kb
Cuve du Klystron réalisée à l’IPNO
PNG - 422.4 kb
Un des 7 klystrons développé en collaboration avec THALES



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