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Investissements d’Avenir


Responsable scienti19que IPN: Luc PERROT Responsable scienti19que IPN: Luc PERROT Responsable29/0enti16que IPN: Luc PERROT
Programme spécifique: EQUIPEX Site de DESIR
Début: 04/03/2013, Fin: 31/12/2022
Responsable scientifique IPN: Luc PERROT
Coordinateur: Jean-Charles THOMAS, GANIL

Nuclear physics as well as fundamental weak-interaction physics and astrophysics questions will be addressed using laser spectroscopy techniques, decay spectroscopy of radioactive species, mass spectrometry and other trap-assisted measurements. Experience at other ISOL facilities evidences that ion beams with a high degree of purity are needed to push experiments towards the limits of stability. The most efficient and universal way of achieving isotopic pure beams is a high-resolution mass separator in combination with RFQ cooler and buncher.

Therefore, the main elements of DESIR are an RFQ cooler and buncher called SHIRAC (SPIRAL2 High-Intensity Radiofrequency Cooler) aiming at cooling and bunching micro-ampere beams (q = 1+, E = 10 to 60 kV) with an output beam emittance of about 1/\pi>/math>mm mrad, a high-resolution mass separator HRS with a resolution of m/\Deltam ≈ 20000, and an experimental hall of size 1500m2. This DESIR hall will house off-line sources to test and tune experimental setups before beams will be sent to the different setups as proposed and installed by users. This experimental equipment consists of LASER spectroscopy setups, decay-study setups and ions or atomic traps.

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Fin: 31/12/2022
CoordinateuS e=' LNEGRAJean-Charles THOMAS, GANIL

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    CoordinateuS eFRANCHOOJean-Charles THOMAS, GANIL

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    Fin: 31/12/2022
    CoordinateuFaiçingAZAIEZque IPN: ass="">

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