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International Workshop on Hadron Polarimetry in the GeV region

September 18-20, 2017 - IPN Orsay, Salle des Conseils

The measurement of the polarization of hadrons in the few GeV energy range constitutes an important experimental challenge and allows to access unique properties of the reaction amplitudes. In particular the precise measurement of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors and the deuteron structure at short distances are accessible only through polarization observables. Since the 80s an international collaboration has been developing hadron polarimetry at the National Laboratory SATURNE in Saclay (LNS) and at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, in a complementary energy range. Since November 2016 a unique 10 GeV/c polarized deuteron beam is again available in Dubna, allowing a new campaign of measurements of analyzing powers for polarized protons and neutrons on different targets. The aim of this international workshop is to discuss the consequences for the planned JLab12 form factor experiments of the recent results obtained at the JINR/Nuclotron in Dubna by the ALPOM2 collaboration. Holding this meeting on the Paris Saclay University campus has a special meaning as it represents the geographical and the historical meeting point, where the collaboration was formed.

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Institut de Physique Nucléaire Orsay - 15 rue Georges CLEMENCEAU - 91406 ORSAY (FRANCE)
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