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Installation ALTO


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Planning ALTO/ALTO schedule

EC funding for External Research Teams within the HORIZON2020 Program of the European Commission TransNational Access to ALTO under the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative

European Nuclear Science and Applications Research 2 (ENSAR2)

Grant Agreement n° 654002

Access procedures

To apply for access to the ALTO accelerator and experimental facilities, a written project proposal has to be submitted. The proposals are reviewed by an international Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC presently has 12 members : 11 of them are external to IPN, 8 of them belonging to universities or research institutes outside France. The ENSAR User Selection Panel is composed of the chairman of the PAC, the director of IPN and the scientific coordinator of the facility.

In a first step, the PAC evaluates all the submitted proposals based on scientific merit and makes recommendations concerning the beam time to be allocated to each project.

In a second step the ENSAR User Selection Panel reviews the funding applications.

After the approval, the spokesperson is informed of the acceptation of his experiment by the PAC and/or the ENSAR User Selection Panel. Then the spokesperson has to send one-page application for financial support to

This form should mention the approved experiment number and include the names, nationalities, affiliations and positions of the applicants as well as an estimation of the financial needs. The information contained in this document will serve as a reference to access the facility. ALTO users are requested to return the final version of their application at least 2 weeks prior to the experiment at ALTO.

For the reimbursement of ENSAR users please send a copy of your bank account information issued by the bank and mandatory documents to at least 3 weeks prior to the experiment at ALTO so that the administrative procedure can be prepared in advance.

Beam time scheduling

Once a proposal has acquired the status of an accepted experiment, a IPN contact person is assigned to each external group. This contact person gives support in all practical aspects, including the beam time scheduling.

Beam time scheduling is managed by the ALTO scientific coordinator.

Financial support within ENSAR2

ALTO is an Infrastructure supported by the European Community through the ENSAR2 contract in the framework of H2020-INFRAIA-1-2014-2015, for the period from March 1st, 2016 to February 29th, 2020. This contract enables ALTO to reimburse the travel and living expenses of researchers coming to carry out experiments during this period.
To be eligible, the experiment must have :

  • a spokesperson or a co-spokesperson from an Institution of a Member or Associated State (excluding those from French laboratories),
  • Most of the users must work in a country other than France.
  • Most of the users must belong to an Institution of a Member or Associated State

Financial support within the ENSAR2 Access Activity is on a per day basis and amounts to 80 € per day. Researchers could stay at the ALTO guest house (26 € per night). Travel expenses will be reimbursed (maximum 300 €). The local administrative rules will be applied.
Please contact to arrange your visit.

At your arrival

  1. If hosted at the IPN guest house, retrieve your room key as indicated to you in an email send by Mrs Pascale Pichot.
  2. Retrieve your access badge as indicated to you in an email send by Mrs Pascale Pichot
  3. If financed by ENSAR2 please contact to finalise the administrative procedure required for your reimbursement.
  4. If hosted at the IPN guest house, contact to pay your room in advance.

Before leaving ALTO

  1. If financed by ENSAR2 make sure with Mrs Zelia DE FIGUEIREDO that you provided all the documents needed for your reimbursement
  2. Return the access badges and the room keys where you retrieve them in first place

What to do after the experiment

Each Group Leader (spokesperson or co-spokesperson) of a project supported by the UE Programme is requested to :

Please note that no travel reimbursement could take place before receiving the experiment report and if the administrative procedure has not been finished before departure. Then :

  • Fill on-line a questionnaire at (questionnaire in preparation at the European Commission : link available soon !)

  • Ensure that all publications directly linked to the work performed in the framework of the supported project include the following acknowledgement : “The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON2020 Program under grant agreement n°654002”

  • Keep ALTO informed of all the publications referred above by sending the references to


Application Form ENSAR ALTO - 11.4 ko

Experiment Report - 35 ko



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