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Faisceaux stables

The stable nuclear beams are delivered by the Tandem, an electrostatic accelerator. Most of the elements in the periodic table can be produced as a beam by this accelerator. Routinely, about 75 different nuclear beams are produced ranging from p to Au. The Tandem also delivers cluster beams and micro-droplets. Furthermore the Tandem doesn’t deliver only stable beams : the beams of interest 14C and 48Ca are also produced.

The team of ALTO runs the Tandem according to the request of the scheduled experiments.The stable beams are distributed among 6 experimental setups : SPLIT POLE, BACCHUS, ORGAM, AGAT, SIFAGA and beamline 410. Furthermore, an irradiation station in the accelerator hall can be used to send the selected beams on different material samples for various applications.



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