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FAIR contribution

FAIR contribution

According to a collaboration agreement between the FAIR project and CNRS, IPN provided the elements foreseen for the construction at GSI of the power test stand of accelerating cavities of the 70 MeV proton Linac.

Tests are required during the production and delivery process of the series comprising additional six cavities. Each single cavity must be tested at high power before being transferred to GSI and installed in the linac. Finally, after the commissioning, a fully operating high power RF-source is required at GSI for repairing failing RF devices which need maintenance during the routine operation of FAIR. The RF-frequency is 325.224 MHz and the peak power is up to 2.5 MW pulsed at 4 Hz providing 200 μs long pulses. A 2.5 MW klystron is available on-site and a power converter should be available by the end of 2012. The IPN was in charge of the supplying of all RF equipment such as the waveguides, the circulator, the measurement couplers and the digital LLRF. All these components were delivered to GSI.



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