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Evolution of single-particle strength in neutron-rich Cu-71

P. Morfouace, S. Franchoo, I. Matea, M. Niikura, I. Stefan, M. Assié, F. Azaiez, D. Beaumel, N. De Sereville, S. Giron, F. Hammache, A. Matta, J.A. Scarpaci

The strength functions of the pi f(5/2), pi p(3/2) and pi f(7/2) orbitals in neutron-rich Cu-71 were obtained in a Zn-72(d, He-3)Cu-71 proton pick-up reaction in inverse kinematics using a radioactive beam of Zn-72 at 38 MeV/u. A dedicated set-up was developed to overcome the experimental challenges posed by the low cross section of the reaction and the low energy of the outgoing 3He particles. The excitation-energy spectrum was reconstructed and spectroscopic factors were obtained after analysis of the angular distributions with the finite-range Distorted-Wave Born Approximation (DWBA). The results show that unlike for the pi f(5/2) orbital and contrary to earlier interpretation, the pi f(7/2) single-particle strength distribution is not appreciably affected by the addition of neutrons beyond N = 40.

Voir en ligne : PHYSICS LETTERS B ,Volume : 751, (2015), 306-310



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