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Beam dynamics, general design

The Accelerator Department of IPN Orsay has been one of the main partners in the design of the SPIRAL2 accelerator since the very early studies (APS, APD). During the construction phase, IPN Orsay was indeed in charge of the general coordination of the project accelerator team (2005-2010).

Several studies have been performed for the design of the injector, of the superconducting linac and of the high-energy beam transport (HEBT) lines towards the 200 kW beam dump and the experimental areas NFS and S3 (see picture here opposite) .

  1. Conceptual design studies, beam dynamics simulations, design consolidation (2005-2009).
  2. Coordination of work packages for the low-energy (2007-2010) and high-energy (2010-2014) beam lines.
  3. First beam tests of the injector (2010-2012) at LPSC Grenoble (see picture here below) and at CEA Saclay.
  4. Preparation of the beam commissioning at GANIL (from 2014 on).

(up-right) SPIRAL-2 HEBT lines.
(down) The q/A=1/3 SPIRAL-2 injector at LPSC Grenoble:emittance measurement of an Argon 40 12+ beam (40kV, 150uA) 


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