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Electronics for Accelerators

Head of Department


Christophe JOLY
Building 106G
Phone : + (33) 1 69 15 41 58
Fax : + (33) 1 69 15 77 35

Phone : + (33) 1 69 15 51 02
Fax : + (33) 1 69 15 77 35

Workshop Manager

Jean-François YANICHE
Building 106G
Phone : (+33) 1 69 15 67 60
Fax : +(33) 1 69 15 77 35

Missions et Activities

Electronics for Accelerators group develops electronic systems necessary to the operation of the particle accelerators. Our activities are directed towards three principal axes :

  • High frequency Electronics

High frequency Electronics with developments in the frequency band of 88MHz to 10GHz with the RF power varying of the nW to MW with the Low Level Radio Frequency system for controls of superconductive cavities, the RF power sources containing solid state amplifiers, IOTs (Inductive Output tubes) or klystrons, and the RF power couplers.

  • Beam Diagnostics

Allowing to characterize and guide the particles beam. They combine mechanical and electronic and can be non-desctructive such as the Beam Position (BPM) and the Current Transformer (CT) or destructive like Wirescanner for example.

  • High Voltage Electronics

The group offers its expertise to adjust installations (distances of protection, sections of cables, isolations, protections against arcing) as well as for the definition of specifications, the study and the development according to the availability of equipments.

Skills and Equipment

 Our activities ask for skills in analog and digital electronics, in microwaves as well as in electrotechnics and industrial computing. Implied in the majority of the projects of the division, we have at our disposal recent measuring devices and equipments allowing us to make prototypes (manual placer and reflow oven for SMD, digital milling machine,…) and computing tools dedicated to the CAE / CAD (CADENCE) and the electronic simulations (High-Frequency Electromagnetics, RF,...).


  BEN ABDILLAH  Sidi Mohammed abdillah      106G     G110          0169154499  
  BERTHELOT  Sylvain berthelo      106G     G115          0169156273  
  BOUDIGUE  Olivier boudigue      106G     G116          0169155171  
  DURAND  Sylvie sdurand      106G     G102C          0169155102  
  ESCALDA-VICENTE  Alexandre escalda      106G     G108          0169156436  
  FERRY  Gilles ferry      106G     G109          0169158289  
  FOURNIER  Fabrice fournier      106G     G108          0169154468  
  GARGOURI  Yosra gargouri      106G     G110          0169156562  
  JOLY  Christophe joly      106G     G111          0169154158  
  LIMOGE  Théo limoge      106G     G108          0169156467  
  PEREIRA  Manuel pereira      106G     G106b          0169156244  
  RAMPNOUX  Emmanuel rampnoux      106G     G116          0169155191  
  YANEZ HERNANDEZ  Madeline Carolina yanezhernandez      106G     G114          0169157498  
  YANICHE  Jean-François yaniche      106G     G114          0169156760  



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