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Accelerators Research Department

The Accelerator Research Department is in charge of the scientific and technological activities linked to the Research & Development (R&D) on accelerators science and to the operation of the infrastructures of the institute.


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The Accelerator Research Department is composed of more than 90 people (technicians, engineers & physicists). The management of the activity, which is focused on the Department projects, is organized around 2 thematic "poles" :

  • the ALTO pole, dedicated to the production of stable & radioactive ion beams, including associated R&D,
  • the SUPRATECH pole, dedicated to the R&D for superconducting accelerating cavities and associated experiments.

Three transverse groups are also supporting these main thematics :

  • the Modeling & Simulation group, dedicated to accelerator design and simulations,
  •  the Electronics for Accelerators group, dedicated to RF and high-voltage electronics developments and to R&D on beam diagnostics,
  • the Design Office group, dedicated to mechanical design, definition of technical specifications, tenders and fabrication/installation monitoring.

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Facilities & platforms

The IPN facilities, briefly described here below, are all operated by the Accelerator Research Department.

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The ALTO facility

The ALTO facility is powered by two accelerators : a 15 MV Tandem and a more recent 50 MeV electron linac used as a driver for the production of radioactive beams by photo-fission. The facility thus offers the opportunity to produce within the same place cluster beams for interdisciplinary physics together with stable and radioactive beams for astrophysics and nuclear physics. The ALTO facility also hosts a specific laboratory dedicated to the development of uranium carbide targets.



the supratech platform

The SUPRATECH platform is dedicated to the R&D on superconducting cavities for future high-power and high-energy particle accelerators. It brings together all the necessary equipment to prepare, condition, assemble and test superconducting accelerating RF cavities. The platform is composed of a chemistry room for cavities surface treatment, a clean room for their assemblies, and experimental areas equipped with vertical and horizontal cryostats, including high-power RF amplifiers at the following frequencies : 88 MHz, 350 MHz and 700 MHz.




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