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Description du groupe Radiochimie

The aim of the group is the study of radionuclides in the fuel cycle and in the environment. Much of the work carried out in the radiochemistry group focuses on the acquisition of thermodynamic and structural data of actinides in aqueous in the presence of organic and inorganic ligands and with biological systems. Issues of actinides speciation are also examined in non aqueous solutions, both ionic liquid and molten salts at high temperature. A task of the group is also devoted to solid fuel and targets (synthesis, treatment).

Then, the activities of the group cover the nuclear fuel cycle from mine extraction to waste storage (including biological environment) and from generation II to generation IV nuclear concepts.

From experimental point of view, this research requires the use of radionuclides with high purity. Specificity of IPN Radiochemistry group is to have currently both radionuclides of interest and competent staff to carry out purifications and solution preparations. Indeed, the purification procedures involve not only separation techniques and radiochemistry specific analysis but a thorough knowledge of the actinides chemical behavior as well.

Another specificity of the group is the development of the technical platform required to perform accurate research : EXAFS, ITC, UV, IR, SLRT, XPS, ICP-AES, DRX, Gamma spectrometry, Electrochemistry and molecular dynamic simulations.



Institut de Physique Nucléaire Orsay - 15 rue Georges CLEMENCEAU - 91406 ORSAY (FRANCE)
UMR 8608 - CNRS/IN2P3

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