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High-energy cryomodules

cryomoduleSP2The SPIRAL-2 superconducting linac is composed of 2 accelerating cryomodule families.

In the low-energy section, the first family consists of 12 cryomodules housing a single β=0.07 cavity (CM-A).

In the high-energy section, taken in charge by the Accelerator Department of IPN Orsay, the second family is composed of 7 cryomodules housing two β=0.12 cavities (CM-B). All cavities are quarter wave resonators (QWR) operating at an RF frequency of 88.050 MHz, at a temperature of 4.2K and with a nominal accelerating field of 6.5 MV/m.


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The mass production of the 16 β=0.12 cavities designed by IPN was completed in late 2009. All cavities were tested and qualified successfully in vertical cryostat during the period 2008-2010 (Eacc>6.5 MV/m with less than 10W of cryogenic losses @4.2 K as shown here opposite). Several additional tests were also successfully accomplished to validate the performances of the dual-layer magnetic shield or of the the innovative plunger-based cold tuning system.

Finally, once the whole equipment required for the implementation of the six CM-B cryomodules was delivered in Orsay, cryogenic and RF tests were performed in 2010 and 2011 on the two first assembled cryomodules. These first tests didn’t allow to fully validate the requested performances, the gradient of 3 out of 4 cavities being less than 6.5 MV/m because of strong electronic field emission. Great efforts were made to identify, track, and correct all potential causes of pollution. The problem was finally solved after the test of a dedicated “hybrid” cryomodule performed in December 2011 and March 2012, that fully validated the assembly and preparation procedure in clean room. Since then, 4 series cryomodules have been delivered to GANIL in August 2013, October 2013, November 2013 and January 2014. The 2 remaining ones are to be delivered before en 2014.

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