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Manager : Valérie FROIS

  • +33 1 6915 77 49
  • FAX : +33 1 69 15 44 75

The communication in a joint research unit of the size like IPN has the delicate task to interest a wide variety of public - associates, academics and researchers, industry partners, local governments, general public - to research in the laboratory, their social and cultural impact, but also strengthen strategic internal culture for the CNRS .
At IPN, activities of the department also covers the area of internal and external scientific events (workshops , seminars , international conferences ) headed by the laboratory. The scientific meetings organized and financially managed by the IPN greatly contribute to its visibility in the international area.

High impact projects have emerged : a new visual identity of the laboratory (logo , brochure , new graphics standards for publishing ) articles of vulgarization , promotional items.


The communication department includes a person in charge of communication who is also responsible for the service , a graphic designer-webmaster.

STI pole includes a librarian responsible for the Library and a librarian who helps collect, process and disseminate scientific information.


Activities have centered around several missions

  • To develop the image of the laboratory with very different publics
  • To strengthen the institutional culture
  • To valorize exchanges with the world of education
  • To be representative and to act in national and international scientific networks


  FROIS  Valérie frois      100A     A009a          0169157749  
  HEURTEAU  Sophie heurteau      100A     A007          0169156332  
  JAURETCHE  Christine jauretch      100A     A021b          0169155161  
  PETIZON  Luc petizon      100A     A011          0169157784  



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